A brief summary of Friday’s articles

I’m a «mingle»:

Columnist Sophia writes about a modern relationship status for all students not wanting to dive into a relationship so early in their studies. She writes about dating at university and the importance of keeping your liberty.

Everyone’s favourite teacher:

Reto Schuppli is assistant lecturer for mathematics at the HSG and most students’ favourite: He wears funny ties, likes to joke around and tells stories he sometimes just makes up. He revealed he never wanted to become a teacher and what he likes to do outside the HSG.

Five ways of living:

Startblatt has visited five different flat types to find out what benefits and challenges they bring with themselves. Do guys sharing a flat only play X-Box and do you have more liberty living in a single apartment? Or is it better to have a mixed flat with guys and girls?

Culture in St.Gallen:

The city might be small, but there are many cultural activities to spend your leisure time on. A theater, cinemas, and museums give a broad cultural range. But also music plays a role in St.Gallen: There are several concerts and even festivals taking place.

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