A brief summary of Thursday’s articles

National team and university:

Andy Knechtle is part of the HSG Lacrosse team «Sunnyboys» and also participated at the world cup with the Swiss national team. He talked to Startblatt about Lacrosse as a fringe sport and how training is giving him a good balance to his studies.

Minigolf or theater?

The HSG is famous for its clubs and student associations. People say if you haven’t been in a club you didn’t really study in St.Gallen. Before they present themselves tonight, Startblatt has picked some of them representatively.

Last-minute bidding advice:

Startblatt has compromised the most important tips and tricks for the bidding. If you are still lost in the jungle of courses, groups and professors to choose from: This is your chance on some last-minute advice.

A guide for all tastes:

St.Gallen has surprisingly much to offer when it comes to food: We have picked places to eat from fancy to cheap, from Swiss specialities to Japanese sushi. You can find food from several different cultures and even learn about an alternative to the university mensa. A guide  specially helpful for everyone new in town.

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