A brief summary of Monday’s articles

No time or patience to read the whole magazine in German? We’ve got this one covered for you short and quick.

Head of the Assessment: Today Roman Capaul will be welcoming new assessment students for the ninth time in his function as head of the assessment year. Although his first appearance in front of the assessies has become somewhat of a routine, he is nevertheless astonished by the silence of the new students. With «Startblatt» Capaul talked about his love for rowing and why he never turned his back on the University of St.Gallen after his graduation.

Setting your priorities straight: Nicolas Senn is not only an ambitious and famous musician and player of the dulcimer, but also studies at HSG. Although he doesn’t visit the lectures as often as he did during the assessment year, he is a master in setting priorities. In the interview with «Startblatt» Senn reveals the secrets leading to an organized life.

The Webjungle: While finding one’s way around the campus is not difficult, finding the right link to powerpoint slides, grade cards or information about bidding in a jungle of university websites is a much bigger hassle. «Startblatt» has therefore put together a list of the most important links that every assessie should save in his favorites.

The Doku Team: While about 97% of all new assessment students will be occupied with the case study «Outlook Switzerland – risks and opportunities», a few assessies have been chosen from several applicants to accompany the fresher’s week in sound and vision. Together with a team of experts from St.Galler Tagblatt, radio toxic.fm and TVO, as well as young journalists and HSG students, the doku team will report on the fresher’sweek 2014.

The Campus: The fact that the campus of the University of St.Gallen is rather smalll has a significant advantage for all new students: It will be very unlikely that they get lost trying to find the lecture hall. Nevertheless, the campus offers many things for one’s everyday life such as a relaxation room or a fitness center.

ABC–HSG: During the freshersweek, «Startblatt» will explain the most important terms, phrases and need-to-knows. Starting out with the letters A to G, «Startblatt» explains where the term «Assessie» comes from, shows where famous art work is hidden on campus and reveals where HSG-students go clubbing.

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